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about us

We are a part of Arroyo Grande… a bit of history that holds on tight to our past, a bit of the future to keep our fresh and new dreams alive. We support local shop owners and local restaurants because they represent all of our dreams of building a town as unique and diverse as our country. 

It’s the excitement we feel when a new local business opens up. 

​It’s the sadness we feel when one of them is forced to close their doors. We say a good-bye and bid them a “hurrah” for at least having had the guts to try.

​It’s the promise we make to ourselves, that next time we see a new local business in the area we will try harder to be more supportive.

It’s what brings us together on the 4th of July at the Arroyo Grande Rotary Bandstand, waving flags and singing patriotic songs, bringing us to our feet with pride.

​It’s what brings us out during the Annual Arroyo Grande Harvest Festival, Strawberry Festival and Christmas Parade as well. 

It’s supporting our local Farmers Market on the weekend with a variety of produce and mix of artists and musicians. 

It’s about a Swinging Bridge, a collection of Guitars, a Chocolate Shop, Ice Cream Parlor, Pizza Parlor, Bike Shop and Old Victorians homes mixed with new homes.

It’s about the concerts in the Gazebo and Band Stand.

It’s about a Historical Society bursting with knowledge they wish to share about our past. 

​This website is about all of these things and more.

​We hope to fill this space with interesting facts, photographs, interviews and the feel of Arroyo Grande! We want you to fall in love with our past, present and future! That is who we are. We are Arroyo Grande because it is in our hearts.

Sherie and Barry Brown